Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Let's have discourse

I love public meetings. They may be boring, and extended exercises in finding 50 ways to say the exact same thing, but they're also places where passionate people tend to say just about anything that pops into their head. Plus, you hear the concisest architectural opinions ("real ugly looking.")

Tonight's Debate Club (a Mercury-Bus Project forum aimed at making your mind giddyup) isn't exactly a public meeting. But the topic -- gentrification -- generates almost as much passion as, say, floor area ratio. I'm hoping neighborhood activists will actually be there, along with people who love a democracy-related excuse to drink whiskey on a Tuesday.

Panelists are Jill Fuglister of the Coalition for a Liveable Future, Rich Rogers of Erik Sten’s office, John Charles of the Cascade Policy Institute, and real estate agent Michelle Reeves. David Bragdon moderates.

Tonight. rontoms, 600 E. Burnside. 7 p.m.

And in another conversationally-related item, over at Oregon Live's Foster-Powell blog Linda Goertz wonders if the month Portland City Council has prescribed for neighbors and developers to agree on the SE 74th & Lafayette project is really long enough. Among the circulating suggestions for compromise: "Developer should disappear." That would indeed do it.

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