Wednesday, August 15, 2007

In with the in crowd

900 St. Clair, a 51-unit apartment building in Southwest Portland apparently designed in the aftermath of a ragingly-bad-yet-uninspired acid trip, sold to a local owner-manager for $3.4 million.

My favorite sentence from the Norris, Beggs & Simpson press release:

“The look and feel of 900 St. Clair is in keeping with the hipper, kind of Doug Fir crowd,” summarizes (NBS Associate Vice President Robert) Black, citing the cool 1960s design of a popular watering hole for the city’s most discerning and moneyed hipsters.

Rents at the building that aesthetics forgot currently start at $525 and $565 for studios and one-bedrooms and $1,000 for the two-bedroom "penthouses." New owners see a shot at getting market rents, and plan on pumping $250,000 more in improvements to the recently upgraded building. Later, undiscerning and poor hipsters.

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Jessica said...

Good one, Alison.

I guess if one doesn't have a blog she's left to put all of that creative energy into the occasionally outlandish press release?

Thanks for your indulgence.