Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Spaces open

I was rummaging through the internet and found a call for interns for Portland Monthly's new Randy Gragg-led shelter-ish magazine that also contained details about the mag itself.

From the email:

"Debuting in January, Spaces will be a regional home and garden magazine. But this being Portland, the idea of “home” and “garden” will be stretched.

Mission: Portland Spaces is a magazine about the design of the places we live, work, play and gather. It’s a guide for creating spaces to love from gardens, kitchens and living rooms, to workplaces and neighborhoods to the city and the region as a whole. It is about the opportunities and tradeoffs in balancing sustainability, elegance and value, both when money is no object but also when it is, by necessity or by choice. Spaces will be a magazine, a website and a public discussion series that will inform, provoke, and celebrate the city ‑ the people and spaces that have made Portland into one of the most distinct, creative and dynamic places in the country."

A magazine, a website, and a public discussion series. Excellently executed, this could be...incredible.

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