Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Life style

Really architecturally interesting living spaces up for sale:

Van Evera Bailey estate in west hills, $2.5 million. It "posesses a patina."

Robert Thompson-designed contemporary in Hillside, $1.55 million. No word on the patina, but it's sleek and spacy like much of Thompson's work.

Skylab's 3333 NW Quimby, ? (Price wasn't part of the listing. But it looks serious...that's it there in the photo) What a tree would look like, created under the supervision of a mod God.

Finally, in the cheapest-and-quirkiest slot, the Portland Pullman, $225,000. 1949 railcar (I think it's been part of the Architecture Foundation of Oregon's Dinner with an Architect series more than once) with architect-designed sexy interiors. Plus, no property taxes because it doesn't actually come with property.

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