Friday, May 11, 2007

A zero-hour historic preservation effort

Tick tock -- architecture fans who don't want to see a wrecking ball rip through a Pietro Belluschi-designed Lake Oswego home have two weeks to do something about it, Lee van der Voo of the Lake Oswego Review reports.

The 1950 home's got many of the elements midcentury modern fans crave: dominant fireplace, sliding doors and windows, beamed ceilings, straightforward, simple design and layout. It's also got problems: dry rot and a roof and radiant heat flooring system in need of major repairs.

Developer George Hale "has had it listed for sale for about a year and is working with history fans to preserve it." How long has Hale been working with preservationists? Oh, since about nine days ago, which is when the preservationists got wind of demolition plans (by word of mouth).

At this point, Hale's operating on a you-can-have-it-if-you-get-it-off-my-property model.

Demolition's scheduled in two weeks. Short timeline...but doable?

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